Category : PLC
Project : TAISHAN
Description : Rolling Mill Tracking
Year : 2014
Platform : LogiCad
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PLC RM+SM+FM Tracking

Project Target

The target of the project was to design, prepare, test and commission a new process automation software for material tracking and sequencing fitting the mechanic changes of existing Rolling mill. Rolling mill contained three parts connected and controlled together. Roughing Mill (RM)- Steckel Mill (SM) - Finishing Mill (FM).

Project made for SMS Siemag AG Germany

Technical data

- Platform : LogiCad

- Technology : RM + SM + FM

- Fieldbus : ProfiBus, EtherCat

- Diagnostic : IbaAnalyzer

Material tracking system:

The system for tracking material head and end in steckel mill and finnishing mill area. For controling of rolling process is necessary to know exact positions of strip head and end to be able to set the right devices to right positions at the right time so this system calculates them, synchronize them and cooperate with Rolling sequencer to support the best controling of rolling process.

Rolling sequencer and master controller:

According to strip positions this system sends positioning requests to all devices in steckel mill and finishing mill and controls and synchronize all movements during rolling process.

Master systems communication:

This system supports data exchange between process controling systems and master systems for process preparation, data acquisition...

Integration Test:

Integration test was done in Germany at SMS Siemag AG company. Our parts of project software were merged together with the rest of project software and tested all together.


The commissioning was done at ultimate custommer in China. The main supplier of the whole technology and master of the whole commisioning was SMS Siemag AG company. We participated in commissioning included hw signal check, production start, rolling support and production optimalization.

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