Category : HMI
Project : TAISHAN
Description : HMI developement
Year : 2014
Platform : WinCC
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Project Target

Design the layout and program parts of HMI (Human Machine Interface) according to the customer's order and specifications. Rolling mill contained three parts connected and controlled together. Roughing Mill (RM)- Steckel Mill (SM) - Finishing Mill (FM).

Project made for SMS Siemag AG GERMANY

Technical data

- Platform : WinCC

- Technology : RM+SM+FM

- Hardware : Server, HMI clients

- Communications : TCP/IP, ODBC, RFM, SQL

Overview screens:

Screens that are collecting all important information for operators or maintainance staff at one place.

Hydraulic screens:

Screens of hydraulic system supporting oil for hydraulical movements.

Finishing mill control screens:

Screens showing the status of all controllers of movements in whole finishing mill area.

Steckel mill control screens:

Screens showing the status of all controllers of movements in whole Steckel mill area.

Roll change screens:

Screens showing roll change sequence step by step, conditions to execute next step, data of incoming roll set, status of movements, status of roll change drives...

Material and coil tracking screens:

Screens showinng positions of already rolled coils and positions of material head and end.

Cooling screens:

Screens with status of cooling valves and information about cooling amount for each part of rolling mill.

Down coiler screens:

Screens showing the status of coiling area.

Exit section screens:

Screens showing the status of exit sections for transporting the coils from the rolling process.

Drives screens:

Overview of all drives of rolling mill, switching them ON or OFF.

Diagnostic screens:

Screens for diagnosis to see the status of each part of system.

Error screens:

Screens with errors and warnings overview and posibility to filter them for better investigation of problem.

Master systems data exchange screens:

Screens handling data exchange from and to superior systems.

Integration Test:

Integration test was done in Germany at SMS Siemag AG company. The main point of integration test is to simulate whole technological entity and test all programmed parts together to reduce the commissioning time at customer.

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