Category : PLC
Project : MAADEN
Description : Aluminium Mills
Year : 2013 - 2014
Customer : ALCOA MAADEN - Saudi Arabia
Platform : LogiCad
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Project Target

The target of the project was to design, prepare, test and commission a process automation software according to customer's specifications. The technology for cooling emulsion distribution, preparation and cleaning for aluminium hot and cold mills requires a specific parts of process automation which was necessary to develope and test.

Project made for SMS Siemag AG Germany

Technical data

- Platform : LogiCad

- Technology : Aluminium Hot and Cold Mills

- Fieldbus : ProfiBus, EtherCat

- Diagnostic : IbaAnalyzer

Hydraulic systems control:

Controlling of all hydraulic systems supporting pressured oil for hydraulic movements in the rolling mill.

Oil lubrication systems:

Systems controling and supporting lubrication oil for all devices of rolling mill.

Emulsion system:

Because of material softness and slippage, aluminium rolling process needs very precise concentration of rolling oil in water in the cooling emulsion. Pumps are delivering right amount of water and rolling oil from water and rolling oil tanks, oil is injekted into the water and then right concentration of emulsion is used for rolling material. This is the task of emulsion system to support right amount and concentration of emulsion in each part of rolling mill.

Rolling oil cleaning and distilation system:

The emulsion is reusable in rolling process but after using water and oil need to be separated and cleaned. This is a bit complicated process including, mechanical cleaning, filtration, separation based on viscosity, gravity and distilation process... The rolling oil cleaning and distilation system supports all functions necessary to separate and clean water and oil.

Integration Test:

Integration test was done in Germany at SMS Siemag AG company. Our parts of project software were merged together with the rest of project software and tested all together.

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