Category : HMI
Project : MMK Coilbox
Description : HMI Developement & Testing
Year : 2019
Customer : Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works- Russia
Platform : WinCC
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HMI Development & Testing

Project Target

The target of this project was to develop & do the integration test of HMI (Human Machine Interface) of Coilbox.

Project made for SMS Group GmbH GERMANY

Technical data

- Platform : WinCC

- Technology : Hot Strip Mill

- Hardware : Server, Redundancy server, HMI clients

- Communications : TCP/IP, OPC, OPCUA, SQL

- Number of external tags: 42207

- Number of internal tags: 7428

Coilbox overview screens:

Development of screens displaying important information including material tracking for operators and maintenance staff. .

Hydraulic screens:

Development of hydraulic sytem HMI.

Variable frequency drive screens:

Display of drives status.

Diagnostic screens:

Diagnosis screens of each part of the system.

Alarm screens:

Display of warning & error with possibilty to apply filters to view only specific area alarms.

Integration Test:

The integration test was done in Germany at SMS Group GmbH company. The main task of integration test was to simulate whole technological entity and test all programmed parts together with PLC communication to reduce the commissioning time at customer site.

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