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VR 2D3D Converter

Project Target

The target was to make an Android application to be able to browse 2D pictures from the cellphone gallery with the virtual reality device and watch them directly in 3D.

Additional data

- Type : Our Product

- Platform : Android

- Stored : Google Play

- Type : 2016

What can you do with this app?

You can easily browse with your VR device your 2D pictures gallery and watch your 2D pictures directly in 3D mode.

You can save actual picture to your 3D gallery as 3D SBS image.

During watching you can adjust deepness and see immediate effect.

You can watch converted pictures on 3D TV.

Find this application on Google Play.

1) First open your cell phone gallery and select a starting picture.

2) Wear your VR headset, trigger VR button to browse the pictures one by one, check the 3D effect.

3) Head up to get save button, trigger VR button to save current picture to 3D image in 3D gallery.

4) 3D phone gallery, watch the result 3D images under VR headset directly.

5) 3D TV gallery - connect to your TV and watch your 3D saved images on your 3D TV.

Your success is our interest.