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VR 2D3D Panorama Converter

Project Target

The target was to make an Android application to be able to view 2D/3D pictures in 360deg. 3D panorama view with the virtual reality box.

Additional data

- Type : Our Product

- Platform : Android

- Stored : Google Play

- Year : 2018

What can you do with this app?

View all pictures in your phone in panorama 360 view.

Supported pictures:

1) Normal pictures(landscape pictures have better effect than portrait pictures).

2) Panorama pictures.

3) Over-Under 3D pictures(switch setting to deeper 3D effect, you will see the 3D effect under VR panorama view).

Find this application on Google Play.

Full screen panorama View:

Load a picture from your gallery, switch between full screen panorama view and VR panorama view.

Full VR Control Gallery:

Browse all pictures in VR gallery, choose one to view in VR panorama view.

Move head down-up-down to get out of Pano VR view, back to VR gallery, choose the next picture.

It is not necessary to take out the VR box headset.

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