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JAVA Programming

Our own products and customer specific projects

We prepare and develop our own products - applications in Android Studio. These applications are then distributed via Google Play as a freeware or paid applications. We also focus on customer's specific applications made upon the customer's order and specification. The special part of our Android projects is the usage of cell phone technologies in connection with industry automation.

Besides programming in JAVA language, we can also program in Visual Basic, C++ etc.

We can program:

- Android applications

- Customer specific project

Our Android products can be divided into several sections. Section for 3D and virtual reality, section for companies administrative tool's and section for education. We also develop application such as bar code reader etc..

Our main scope in recent time are applications which can be used as administrative tools for micro & smaller size organization like eInvoicing system, ordering system etc..

We make products based on 3D technology, we focus on picture process imaging and for virtual reality devices based on GVR technology.

In the education section we can offer products based on simple talk dictionaries without Internet connection requirement for several languages.

Please find our products on Google Play.

Virtual reality technologies
Talk dictionaries
Administrative tools
And more...

Depending on customer's request and production type we are able to prepare applications cooperating with process control, with industrial field automation or with company specific production controlling systems.

Our products running on your cell phone or tablet can cooperate with your database (for example MySQL), check, change or add data. We are able to make data acquisition or track your material or products. Our application can also help you to trace your production most effectively any time or check your process automation devices status or errors via receiving status or errors messages directly to your cell phone.

We can offer even more. We can find solution for your problem or task to improve your production by using the application made directly fitting your technology. With our application on your cell phone, you will be always in touch with your process and you will always get actual information about your production

Data acquisition
Production check
Products and material tracking
VR 3D presentations
And more...

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